At the end of 2019, Café Léman SA received the great honour and privilege of being able to participate in and support one of Switzerland’s most iconic emblems: creating new culinary experiences on board CGN’s magnificent historic fleet.

Café Léman SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Caviar House Airport Premium (CHAP) group. This Geneva-based company has been operating quality catering establishments, including in various international airports, for 50 years.

CHAP’s ambition has always been to offer experiences that are unique, new and exciting to as many customers as possible.
Our expertise in catering goes far beyond the sale of caviar and luxury products. CHAP’s core values are: ethics, innovation and boldness while being the guardians of a certain lifestyle and culinary tradition.

The partnership between Café Léman SA and the CGN marks the renewal of catering services on the lake,as well as event services on Lake Geneva.


We have genuine partnerships with all our suppliers, and can therefore offer you total transparency on our products.

We pay particular attention to the authenticity of our cuisine, to seasonal products chosen by our Chefs from local suppliers and to an eco-responsible commitment to preserving the beauty of our lakes and our land.

We have developed trusting relationships with producers, family businesses, local factories, winemakers and also national producers recognised for their expertise.

For us, building long-term partnerships is based on shared values such as history, passion, love of quality, rigour and the art of living.

You : our priority

We are committed to offering extraordinary quality in terms of both cuisine and service.

Our philosophy revolves around customer satisfaction above all else. Our service staff and management are rigorously and regularly trained to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

We are also committed to offering you fair, reasonable and affordable prices for all budgets.