General Terms and Conditions

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  1. SCOPE

1.1. The goods offered on our online shop are available exclusively for customers with a delivery address in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein, except for Gift Vouchers.

1.2. These present General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all orders taken on the website, as well as by telephone, email, fax and any other means of communication. When placing an order, all customers implicitly accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Our customers may not cancel, change, or replace these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


2.1. The sale agreement is concluded when Café Léman SA has confirmed the order in writing (for example, by email for any order placed through our online shop).
An order confirmed by Café Léman SA cannot be cancelled.
By placing an order, all customers confirm they are 18 or over and that the information they provide is valid.

2.2. Under Article 185 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, the items travel at the buyer’s risk, according to the principle that benefit and risk pass to the buyer upon conclusion of the contract. The purchaser has the obligation to verify the condition of the items received and undertakes responsibility for the conservation of the product.

2.3. This sale shall never give rise to another, uncontrolled transaction without the consent of Café Léman SA.

2.4. The data we save provides evidence of the validity of the agreement and the transaction. Café Léman SA reserves the right to cancel any order if the information provided by the buyer proves to be incorrect.


3.1. The gift vouchers on sale on the website refer to catering services that will be provided on the ships of the Compagnie Générale de Navigation (hereinafter referred to as “CGN”). To take advantage of these services, you must purchase a ticket for the ship via the website.

Café Léman SA does not control the site and is not responsible for its content or for the privacy or other business practices on this site. The presence of links to this site does not constitute an endorsement of the material on this site or any association with the operator of this site. It is the user’s responsibility to make any checks that he/she deems necessary or appropriate before using this site and/or entering into any transaction with it.

3.2. The products appearing on the website are available within the limits of available stock. If any items are missing, Café Léman SA undertakes to resend the products as soon as possible.

3.4. Validity of the offer: Offers on the site are valid as long as they are shown online. Photographs illustrating the products are not part of the contract and simply indicate the general appearance of the product.


Our prices are in Swiss Francs, including tax (current VAT) but not delivery charges. Delivery charges are added when the order is validated for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
All our offers are without obligation. Caviar House & Prunier (Suisse) SA reserves the right to modify prices at any time.


5.1. Payment is made online, at the time of ordering, either :

By bank card (Visa/Visa Electron, Mastercard). In this case, you will be redirected to the secure Six Payment Services (Saferpay) website, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data transmitted (in particular, card number, expiry date, card security code on the back of the card) with protection and cryptology procedures. Dispatch can only take place after bank acceptance.

5.2. Delivered goods remain our property until complete payment of the purchase price.


6.1. Café Léman SA undertakes to deliver throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein, within 72 hours from confirmation of the order.
For orders placed before midday, the products will be sent by post. These periods are by way of indication only and the seller may not be held liable if these periods are exceeded nor shall such a situation give rise to cancellation of the contract or payment of compensation.

6.2. At the customer’s request, we are entitled to make partial deliveries. If, after the order has been confirmed, the goods cannot be delivered in whole or in part for any reasons that are not attributable to the seller, the customer has the right to a refund.

6.3. Our service is an obligation to dispatch; it is fulfilled when the goods are handed over for dispatch to the person responsible for the transport. After dispatch, the risk of accidental deterioration or loss shall pass to the customer. We are in no way liable for any fault on the part of the company providing the transport.

6.4. Delivery contracts concluded with us are subject to Swiss law.


7.1. The right to cancel or returns do not apply to our products. We take the greatest care over your order. If, despite our care, you should have any complaint about our products after receiving your order, the requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
In any case, the buyer undertakes to inspect the goods immediately upon receipt to ensure they are complete and in good condition. Any complaints about quality and completeness must be sent to immediately and at the latest within 24 hours after delivery, otherwise delivery will be deemed accepted.

7.2. Café Léman SA cannot be held liable for any damage arising during transport or as the result of incorrect storage of the goods after reception by customers or their partners.


Café Léman SA is the owner and operator of this website. All trademarks, names, titles, logos, images, designs, texts and other materials are the property of Café Léman SA, 17 avenue de Rhodanie, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland.

Viewing, downloading or copying of the pages does not imply the acquisition of rights (exploitation rights, intellectual property rights). Reproduction (in whole or in part), distribution (electronically or by other means), modification or use of the website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written authorisation.


9.1. The collection and processing of personal data of the customer Café Léman SA is explained in the privacy policy, which can be viewed here: Data Protection Policy

9.2. The customer hereby agrees to the storage of personal data entered by him/her in the course of using our website. This consent also applies to the storage of the IP addresses transmitted with each use of the website. Furthermore, the customer agrees to the use of his/her personal data for the purpose of personalising advertisements and product offers on the website. No personal data is passed on to advertisers.

9.3. Finally, the customer agrees that the seller may use the customer’s personal data for direct marketing purposes. This includes advertising communication to the customer by e-mail and post.

9.4. By accepting these conditions, the customer confirms the correctness of the information provided.


Caviar House Airport Premium (Suisse) SA and Café Léman SA shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the Internet and its website, in particular a disruption in service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.
Access to and use of the website cannot be guaranteed.


The present conditions are subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Geneva [GE], subject to appeal to the Swiss Federal Tribunal.